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Founded in 1987, our innovative company has been at the forefront of natural skin care for decades. After originally pioneering an entire industry in New Zealand and Australia and developing a highly successful multi-million dollar export business with distribution throughout Australasia, Asia, North America and Europe, we thought ‘what next?’ The answer, to develop and deliver the very best, natural products possible.


Carefully crafted in our own purpose built, state of the art production facility; in ‘Middle Earth’, we control every step of the process under strict GMP certification to guarantee every product is pure and the very best that New Zealand can offer.


There is no contract manufacture or OEM with Tiaki. It is all made under our roof by a passionate group of people who pride themselves on setting a standard others strive to achieve.


Our products are available under exclusive distribution in New Zealand, with export to more than 1,400 retail stores in North America and an additional 400 stores in the United Kingdom.

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